Coaching for Eleven Plus (11+) examinations for Ermysted's, Skipton Girls', Ripon Grammar, Bradford Grammar and the Halifax Grammar Schools.


FRANCES BREWER, M.A. Oxford, DBS checked

Tel: 01535 631264 / 07546 579483


Eleven Plus Tuition based in Cononley in the Aire Valley, some 3.5 miles south of Skipton.
What I offer.
  • Face to face, one to one,purposeful and structured tuition for pupils aiming to sit the 11 Plus examinations in North Yorkshire for Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton Girls' High School, Ripon Grammar School and the Halifax Grammar Schools.
  • I do not offer group 11 Plus tuition. Twenty years of preparing children for the 11 Plus examination has convinced me that this is not the most effective means of preparing for the examination. The whole point of private tutoring is that each lesson is tailored to the needs of the individual tutee. Areas of weakness are strengthened, gaps in knowledge are addressed and that which is already known is extended and challenged. This is unashamedly "old school". I do not use computers or play games. My tutees are simply exposed to the benefits of my own grammar school and Oxford education. I believe that this is evident from the frequent observation from parents that their child has learned far more than merely "teaching for the test".
  • 11 Plus topics are thoroughly taught and practised before practice papers are attempted. Particular attention is paid to those topics which are not covered in the school curriculum but which do appear in the examination.
  • I hold mock exams a few months before the actual exams so that the children can experience the protocol of a formal examination which consists of questions which are authentic in both type and difficulty.
  • I research and use the most up to date and relevant 11 Plus materials. I source my practice materials directly from 11 Plus publishers who produce materials which are both true to the type and level of difficulty of the GL Assessment questions.I take great care in preparing resources which I adapt according to the individual tutee's need.
  • I am not associated with any tuition centres and I work with well-motivated and supportive families. I believe the key to the very high pass rates achieved by my tutees over the years is the result of the combination of high quality tuition, consistent application on the part of the tutee and the support of the tutee's family.
  • All materials are provided – the only additional cost would be to sit a mock exam which is entirely optional.
How I work.
  • Each tutorial session lasts for one hour. Tuition for the 11 Plus lends itself to a little and often rather than lengthy,single sessions.Each tutorial session is at least fifteen minutes apart to allow time for feedback at the end of the session.
  • Homework will be set and is an integral part of 11 Plus preparation.
Terms and Conditions.
  • The length of a standard lesson is one hour.
  • The cost of a one to one, face to face lesson is £40. This includes all preparation for the lesson, the materials used in the lesson, theone-to-one tuition itself and all homework and marking associated with that lesson. Please note that I do not provide materials in lieu of cancelled lessons. However, I am happy to provide a list of materials suitable for the child to use under the supervision of a parent.
  • Payment is due four weeks in advance.
  • Please note that you have been allocated a particular time slot for your child’s tuition. If your child is late for his/her lesson, that lesson will still finish at your allotted finishing time.
  • Every endeavour will be made to ensure success in the 11 Plus examination. However, success cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you wish to cease tuition with me, one week’s notice is required.
Cancellation Policy.

This policy has been devised as the result of many years of tutoring experience and is an attempt to be fair and reasonable to both tutee and tutor. If you do not find these acceptable, please do NOT embark upon a course of tuition with me.

  • Each tutee is permitted FIVE lesson cancellations per course(which runs from October to the following September) which will NOT incur the usual charge, regardless of reason or notice. Where a tutee starts tuition part way through the year THREE lesson cancellations will be permitted throughout the course which will NOT incur the usual charge, regardless of reason or notice. Where a payment for such a cancellation has already been made in advance, this will be credited to the next invoice.
  • Once FIVE lesson cancellations have been made ALL additional lesson cancellations will incur the usual charge, regardless of reason or notice.
  • The FIVE permitted cancellations which incur no charge will be in addition to those lessons which fall on a Bank Holiday or those which I may cancel for which there is NO charge.
  • Cancellations which are made owing to inclement weather WILL incur the usual charge but will be rearranged to a mutually convenient time.
What parents and children say about my tuition.

"I want to express my deepest gratitude for having Frances Brewer as a tutorfor my two boys over the past four years. Frances truly stands out in every aspect of her tutoring She possesses an exceptional understanding of each child’s unique needs and approaches their education with remarkable empathy and patience. Frances takes a methodical approach to her tutoring focusing on the development of key strategies and working on the critical aspect of timing, which is essential for success in the 11 Plus exams. What truly distinguishes her is her remarkable ability to infuse fun into the learning process. My children consistently looked forward to their tutoring sessions with her, a testament to her engaging and enjoyable tutoring style. Thanks to Frances’ invaluable guidance one of my sons is now excelling at Ermysted’s Grammar School, and the other is well on his way to joining him next year. I wholeheartedly recommend Frances. She s more than just a tutor: she’s a mentor and a genuine inspiration. I thank her for making an immeasurable difference in my children’s lives." L.F October 2023

"Our daughter passed the entrance exam for Skipton Girls’High School and Clitheroe Royal Grammar thanks to tuition from Frances. Our daughter always came out of the weekly tuition sessions smiling and the homework set was always just the right amount. Frances was consistently professional, supportive and gave our daughter lots of confidence. We would highly recommend Frances to other parents as a safe pair of hands if you would like your child to pass the 11 Plus." K.T. and D.T. October 2023

"My daughter joined Frances’ tuition and settled immediately. Frances is patient, calm and completely honest. She is 110% reliable and V loved attending her sessions! What’s more- she flew through her mock exams and passed the 11 Plus." M.L, October 2023

"I would highly recommend Frances Brewer to anyone preparing for the 11 Plus exam. My son reached the required standard for Ermysted’s Grammar School this week. We are delighted and will be forever grateful to Frances for her dedication, supportand exemplary tutoring skills. My son has gone from strength to strength during the last twelve months as Frances has guided,nurtured and equipped him with the tools needed to problem solve, providing him with confidence in areas he was lacking. His regular schoolwork has also seen a huge benefit. Frances is second to none." J.W. October 2023

"Ourson has just successfully reached the required standard for our local boys’ grammar school which would not have been possible without Frances and her expertise, knowledgeand tutoring approach. Frances provides constructive and sincere feedback to identify strengths and next steps for your child in order to prepare them fully for the 11Plus exam. She gets to know your child individually and communicates effectively with parents to help you to support your child at home. The hour-long weekly sessions take place in her warm and welcoming friendly familyhome,and this in itself helps your child to feel relaxed. Our son built up a wonderful relationship with Frances and he looked forward to his weekly lessons. As a headteacher myself, I know that it is important to ensure that you chose the right person to help your child to flourish and I would recommend Frances without hesitation. From one mother to another, thank you Frances. " JY. October 2023

"We have recently received our son’s test results for his 11 Plus exam and he has passed the entrance exam. This is following some excellenttuition from Frances. She has encouraged our son to do the best he can and gave him confidence to succeed when he was doubting himself. I would fully recommend Frances as a tutor to anyone whose child needs tutoring. She has been amazing with our son." G and E L October 2023

"I highly recommend Frances for 11 Plus tutoring. My son has just passed the entrance exam for Ermysted’sand Frances also tutored my daughter two years ago for entrance into Skipton Girls’ Grammar school. Frances is very friendly and made my children immediately feel at ease. She has a very calm and relaxing approach. Both my children enjoyed their weekly sessions. Frances really built their confidence and worked on areas they found difficult. There was also a big improvement in their general schoolwork. Feedback is given after each exam session which I found very useful. The mock exam that they sit a few months prior to the real exam helps them to prepare and know what to expect for the 11 Plus exam. Thank you for all your support and hard work Frances!" LM October 2023

"We are happy to say that M has passed the 11 Plus exam. Thank you again for all your tutoring and input with both our children. May we say thank you for pulling a blinder a few months ago when you did a poem as the comprehension in the verbal skills mock. It was a poem in the real exam! But as he’d practised them it went OK! So big thanks." JP October 2023

"If you are looking for an 11 Plus tutor then I cannot recommend Frances highly enough. Her passion shines through from the very beginning, coupled with a real talent for bringing out the best in children. Her tailored approach to each individual's needs really does boost their confidence and inspire them to achieve their goals……My son's development over the 12 months with Frances was huge and he went into the exam with confidence and clear strategies in place to tackle the tests. He passed with flying colours and I know a large part of this was down to Frances and her ability to develop his learning over those 12 months." L.F. Oct 2019.

"We have just received our letter this morning. A passed!.....I can't tell you how thankful we are! I couldn't have chosen a more perfect tutor for our daughter. I believe you made all the difference! We will really miss you and I'm sure we will see you about..." E.B. Oct 2019.

"Our ten year old son has just passed the 11 Plus following a period of tuition from Frances. She has been very supportive and knowledgeable and always very clear in her expectations. She always made him feel welcome and despite the hard work he never complained about going. We have already reserved a place for our younger son for 2021 and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her." S.B. Oct 2019.

"My daughter suffered from a lack of confidence in her abilities especially in maths and Frances' kindness and encouragement worked wonders in helping her to give tricky questions a go and become resilient when facing challenging tasks. Frances' detailed feedback at the end of each session helped me as a parent understand where E was at and what we needed to work on ready for the next lesson. Frances' wealth of knowledge and deep level of understanding of the 11 Plus provided vital in helping E understand how to approach different question types. Not only did E pass the 11 Plus but her abilities and confidence at school have increased as noted by both her teachers and myself. Frances is wonderful- I cannot praise her enough as an 11 Plus tutor." J.B. Oct 2019.

"My child achieved a good score in the 11 Plus exams for entrance to Ermysted's school. I strongly recommend Frances as an 11 Plus tutor." S.J. Oct 2019.

"We are absolutely delighted with the tuition our daughter received from Frances. She absolutely loved her hourly sessions which were innovative and fun learning. We are so pleased with the results of her 11 Plus test and believe that this success is down not only to her but also to the confidence and self belief which Frances gave her and we are forever thankful for this." F.A. Oct 2019.

"I would like to thank Frances for providing the excellent tutoring to my son for the 11 Plus exam. I am overjoyed that my son has passed the exam with flying colours. This would not have been possible without her help. I have sent all of my 3 children to Frances for tutoring and she has provided excellent tuition." F.B. Oct 2019.

"My son has just passed the 11 Plus exam for Ermysted's following a year of tutoring with Frances. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her vast knowledge and experience of the subject is obvious from the very first lesson and her methodical approach was exactly what my son needed. He never once complained about going and he genuinely appreciated her continued patience and her ability to explain techniques in a manner he understood. Thank you Frances for all your hard work and belief in D. We are most grateful." EH Oct 2018.

"Our daughter had coaching from Mrs Brewer for the Skipton Girls' High School Test. We found Mrs Brewer very professional. She knew the exact questions which appear in the exam and focused on our daughter's weaknesses. She would always give us constructive feedback. In fact her tuition was so helpful that our daughter also passed the Halifax Grammar School exam. I am very grateful to Mrs Brewer for her encouragement and support throughout the year." ES Oct 2018.

"We had no hesitation in choosing Frances Brewer to tutor our son as she had also tutored our eldest son when he took the 11 Plus exam seven years ago. I cannot recommend her services enough; the sessions were enjoyable and materials were well resourced. She is professional and approachable and will always go that extra mile to help your child with any struggles they encounter. My son loved the lessons and absolutely smashed the test by scoring over 60 marks above the pass mark. Thank you for all your hard work and I will recommend your services to all our family and friends. " T Oct 2018.

"Frances expertly guided both our son and daughter through the 11 Plus course for entry into Ermysted's Grammar and Skipton Girls' High School. I could not be happier with the tuition she provided. She gave support and reassurance where it was needed. Both children enjoyed their sessions with Frances and will miss her greatly. I am pleased to say they both passed their 11 Plus exams." SM Oct 2018.

"My daughter has been prepared for the 11+ with Frances Brewer. From the very beginning she recognised her strengths and weaknesses and motivated her. I have noted Frances' positive approach which helped to build my daughter's confidence. I would highly recommend Frances." RS Oct 2018.

"Once again I can't thank Frances enough for the exceptional tutoring she has provided over the last year. Following on from the success of my daughter's 11 Plus who too was tutored by Frances, my son was not only able to pass the exam, but to pass with a very high mark. Frances knows how to bring out the best in her students. My children felt at ease with the exams, particularly having undertaken the mock exam which Frances helps to organise a few weeks before the actual exam. Thank you Frances- we will miss you!" SS. Oct 2018.

"Our daughter enjoyed her time with Mrs Brewer. The work was not outfacing and Mrs Brewer skilfully assessed the appropriate areas to focus on and the levels of work required to achieve the goal. She took our worries away and we would not hesitate to recommend her. We are so glad we chose her!" JI Oct 2018.

"I would highly recommend Frances as a tutor for the 11 Plus. My daughter really enjoyed the lessons and Frances maintained her enthusiasm throughout. We received feedback from her after each lesson which we found very helpful. Her warm, patient and friendly approach to tutoring was great and she quickly put my daughter at her ease. We have been able to see her confidence grow and I am very happy to say that she will be starting her first year at Skipton Girls' High School fully prepared for the challenges ahead." AF Oct 2018.

"Frances bonded with my son from lesson 1. She gave him confidence that he could succeed, but also challenged him to be the best that he could be.He genuinely looked forward to lessons and Frances structured his homework in such a way that it was never a chore. My son describes Frances as inspirational- he has it fight." JG Oct 2018.

"All three of my children received lessons from Frances which they enjoyed because of her calm and supportive approach. She is very experienced in coaching children through the 11+question types and she is rigorous and methodical so that the children are secure about what they have to do.As a result of the work she did with them they were able to approach the test positively and confidently. I cannot recommend her highly enough." KM October 2017

"My son attended tutor sessions with Mrs Brewer in the run up to sitting the entrance exam in September 2017.From a stuttering start at what was an entirely new concept in learning, over the months his ability and confidence grew tremendously and we were delighted when he passed with a high mark. Mrs Brewer was infinitely patient and coached and mentored him in the techniques and methodology required to help him answer the questions confidently and most importantly accurately.
In addition she provided him with guidance on exam technique so he wasn't at all fazed when it came time to sit the actual exam. A bonus was sitting the mock exam in July which gave him insight into what a real exam would look and feel like,and to make mistakes and take lessons from what he had done to ensure that these were avaoided when it came to the teal thing.
I have no hestitation in recommending Mrs Brewer for any parent looking for 11+ tuition for their child." RM October 2017

"I would like to thank Frances for all the hard work she has put into my three children over the years. We are delighted with our children's 11 Plus results. All my children looked forward to their weekly sessions with Frances.They enjoyed the lessons and also the homework. Not only did they achieve success in their 11 Plus exams, the coaching also improved their school work in general.
I would highly recommend Frances for 11 Plus coaching." KR October 2017

"My daughter was tutored for the 11 Plus exam by Frances Brewer over the past year. During that time my daughter thoroughly entutoring and it prepared her for the 11 Plus exam as well as building her confidence at school. I am delighted to say that my daughter successfully passed the 11 Plus exam.I would have no hestitation in recommending Frances for 11 Plus tutoring services." SC October 2017

"Mrs Brewer's calm, professional style was key to preparing our daughter for the 11 Plus examination.Our daughter looked forward to the sessions and was thoroughly and thoughtfully prepared for the test. Mrs Brewer's wealth of experience meant that we knew we had done our best to prepare our daughter for the task ahead. We are delighted that our daughter passed the 11 Plus exam, but particularly that she remained calm and unfazed throughout what could have been a stressful time for everyone. We can see why Mrs Brewer came so highly recommended." SM October 2017

"Frances was recommened to us by a neighbour and has tutored our daughter for a year.Our daughter wanted to prepare for the 11 Plus exam and needed help with her maths. Frances has taught her so much insuch short space of time and has made a tremendous difference to her confidence.Frances has a lovely, caring manner and formed a good bond with our daughter.Frances really understood our daughter's issues with maths and strengthened her knowledge of English. Our daughter went on to pass the 11 Plus and is delighted! We are so grateful to Frances and would recommend her without hesitation." GB October 2017

"My son passed the exam for Ermysted's school having been tutored by Frances Brewer.She is a good tutor and a good communicator with both parents and child. I recommend her tutoring for passing the exam." JS October 2017

"Thank you for your help in teaching our son the appropriate techniques for the entrance exam. He has passed with flying colours. We are all pleased with your tuitionand the ultimate outcome.With both our sons you honed their skills and dealt with any weaker areas and for that we are very grateful." AB October 2017

Names and contact details can be supplied for the parents quoted above.